The Loon by Diogo Duarte


The Loon by Diogo Duarte


Medium : Fine Art Giclée Print
Edition Size : 5
Dimensions : 700mm x 500mm
Authentication : Numbered
Shipping : Worldwide
Frame : Available if requested  

'The Loon' by Diogo Duarte featured in our 8TH exhibition. 

Diogo Duarte is a London based, Portuguese, visual artist. Diogo has worked for a number of established clients, such as the NFL, West London Studio, Stella Artois and Carolina D.C London.

"Buses, train platforms and e-cigarette breaks tend to be my most comfortable place to create. It is usually in those places that I zone out and give my mind freedom to express itself, though I’ve had some great ideas during boring conversations. Most of my ideas arise naturally in the form of intrusive images, which I then add to or take away from during the development stage.

Whilst working in mental health services, I've become fascinated with how non acceptance of oneself and one's surroundings causes so much unhappiness. I bring into my practice as an artist all the emotions, thoughts and stories we'd rather avoid and that, if acquainted with, can have a fascinating transformative effect. I have a strong attraction to the hidden side of things – or ‘shadows’ – latent in every single thing that surrounds us and often spend most of my time investigating their origins and close relationship with Culture– trying to answer the child like question of why do ‘shadows’ exist. And more often than not, poking fun at it. I see myself as an image maker and photography is the vehicle through which I express and escape myself. My ambition is to continue to create and execute some of the wildest images I have had, and in its process make others aware of things they perhaps never noticed.’’ – Diogo Duarte.

The edition print is out of 5, and available through The Lucky Jotter. Each fine art giclée print is labelled with the edition number and measures 700mm x 500mm. 


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Each fine art print is produced under careful supervision, to the highest standard by Klein Imaging.
Prints are made on a variety of papers from Klein Imaging, including Smooth Rag, which has the luxurious texture of a traditional smooth board and a bright white point, making it the ideal medium for images with fine detail and vivid colour. 

Created in 2005, Klein Imaging, a Hahnemühle certified studio, has built a reputation based its attention to detail, precision printing and exhibition production - attributes. 

Using their 12 archival inks and the large range of fine art papers, each print is put through quality control to make sure each and every print is at the highest standard. 

Klein Imaging has produced award winning work across the the world:
UK: The Lucky Jotter, HOME Mcr, V&A museum, The Photographer Gallery, Hilton Hotels, Grundy Art Gallery, many more
USA: Bruce Silverstein Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, BAFTA
Europe: Centre Pompidou and Metz (France), Hasselblad Foundation (Sweden), Musée des Beaux-arts (Switzerland)