Half A Whole And One Of Two by Victoria Louise Doyle

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Half A Whole And One Of Two by Victoria Louise Doyle


Medium : Fine Art Giclée Print
Edition: 5
Dimensions : 700mm x 500mm
Shipping : Worldwide
Frame : Available if requested  

'Half A Whole And One Of Two' by Victoria Louise Doyle featured in our 8TH exhibition. 

Victoria Louise Doyle is a British-born, award-winning photographer based between Newcastle & London (UK). Winning the The Pamela Denham Photography Prize (2012), Victoria has continued her photography career by exhibiting her work around the world. Exhibits including; Jerwood Space, (London), The Mill Gallery (Adelaide), and Studio Guardione (Palermo Italy). 

“Primarily focusing on the notion that we are all connected, in so far as we are disconnected, this particular photograph explores the repercussions of an expected union. As a twin, I feel society dictates our relationship to be one of harmony; we are presumed to be similar if not the same. These connotations are a reoccurring misapprehension. Our being opposite – not just because of our biological sex – whilst still being interconnected caused severe cognitive dissonance.

The photograph was taken on our birthday. We lay in darkness attempting to fit back together, only fusing to become one as the shutter opened and the flash impressed our image upon the surface of the 5x4 film. Once the exposure was complete and the shutter closed, we returned. Two. Encased within the space of the photograph we will for ever be whole, connected; the sacred act of Photography, one of reparation.”- Victoria Louise Doyle.


The edition print is out of 5, and available through The Lucky Jotter. Each fine art giclée print is labelled with the edition number and measures 700mm x 500mm. 

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Each fine art print is produced under careful supervision, to the highest standard by Klein Imaging.
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