TLJ Collab Projects

Kieran Boswell & Zerkalou


TLJ Collab Projects Presents: Pretence

Photographers, Kieran Boswell (UK based) & Zerkalou (Seattle, US), worked on a four week project set by the The Lucky Jotter (TLJ), based on the concept of 'Pretence'. 

The artists were given free rein to explore the concept, and asked to produce a short series of work reflecting this exploration.

"Both of our styles are so radically different from one another (I work mostly in portraiture, Kieran in still life), so predicting the other's work was interesting, especially when we can't share the same location/subjects." - Kieran & Zerkalou


Q&A with Kieran & Zerkalou

TLJ: How did you approach the theme of Pretence? 

K:  We started discussing ‘Pretence’ and kept coming back to the word facade or falsify. I wanted to try to create some still life work that would sit next to Brian's images in diptych form, with surreal compositions that were falsified versions of objects or false portraits in object form.

TLJ: Tell us about your focus on the work?

Z: Essentially, by sharing a similar texture, colour, or object, its narrative is then diverted by the place and presentation of each other's photograph. A tone is set in one photograph, and mimicked in the other (colour/texture/setting), but its meaning is transformed, a sort of false pretence.

TLJ: How did you both adapt to each others style?

Z: We had to communicate and request samples wherever we shot, Kieran had me send over iPhone photos of industrial locations to prep for the work I'd be making beforehand, and we'd explain the idea for a piece beforehand and make a test diptych.

TLJ: How was it working with another artist for a collaboration project?

K: Contacting to each other through email and social media kept the time gap at bay, as we could both respond to each other relatively quick. We both fired early ideas across to each other from the start, and even though we have very different styles, we managed to agree how we were going to respond to the theme of Pretence.

What are the 'TLJ Collab' Projects?
The 'TLJ Collab' projects are a chance for two TLJ featuring artists to work together on a short or long term project. Each pair is given a topic to focus on and they create between 2 - 12 pieces of work to answer to this concept. 

Over the next year we're looking to work with local and international artists to produce a series of collaborative projects. Once a collection of these projects has come together, we will be looking to collaborate ourselves with galleries, other showcases and institutes to extend this feature. 

Each pairing is arranged by the TLJ team and submissions for new artists are welcome!

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