TLJ Collab Projects

Victoria Louise Doyle & André Viking


TLJ Collab Projects Presents: Isolation

Photographers, Victoria Louise Doyle and André Viking, worked on a four week project set by the The Lucky Jotter (TLJ), based on the concept of 'Isolation'. 

The artists were given free rein to explore the concept, and asked to produce a short series of work reflecting this exploration.


"This is the resulting body of work produced from a collaborative investigation into Isolation. Isolation can be physical or mental and although the two exist separately they are frequently connected. Focusing our exploration on the mental, we present the physical repercussions of isolation within both humans and animals whilst simultaneously considering what distinguishes and defines them from one another." - Victoria & André


Q&A with Victoria & André

TLJ: How did you approach the theme of Isolation? 

V&A: We both decided to approach the theme openly, opting for a more abstract interpretation rather than a literal one. Acknowledging each other’s initial perspective, we began to work with the photographic material produced to formulate a series of open narratives that when combined created new connotations for both of us. Thinking not only of the relationship these images took on with relation to isolation, we started to consider the manner in which they could be presented as a key component of the project. By dealing with isolation in a multifaceted way we were able to adjust the theme to our desired specifications.

TLJTell us about the imagery behind the project's concept?

V&A: Something that specifically assisted the collaborative process was allowing each other space to let our individual vision come together to form the collective work. Spanning a variety of genres and photographic techniques, the images we produced both complement and contradict each other aesthetically, but by putting aside our personal pride we were able to utilise this. Although we both had strong notions about the photographs we created and what they represented (with relation to isolation) ultimately once we began to consider them as components of a larger whole rather than individual entities the images lead us to refine the concept. By thinking through composition as we assembled the layout, new relations formed between the images producing multi-stranded narratives that although specific are open to interpretation. 

TLJ:  Both of you are based in different countries; what was it like working together? 

V&A: Initially, after discussing the logistics of the collaboration we settled on working independently, perusing our own line of enquiry and coming together upon our first agreed deadline to share the resulting images, thus was laid the foundation upon which we build our project. Though frequent communication our work began to interweave both visually and conceptually. Alongside creating intuitively we also took a responsive stance to production, using each other’s photographic work for the project as source material to generate additional photographs. Rather than sticking to a fixed structure we maneuvered our approach to collaboration as we went along, this was the key to our success. Learning from this, we discovered that being open and playful is vital, having both been engaged in personal projects for a long period of time we were set in our own individual ways and this experience provided us with a sense of freedom that really enhanced creativity.


What are the 'TLJ Collab' Projects?

The 'TLJ Collab' projects are a chance for two TLJ featuring artists to work together on a short or long term project. Each pair is given a topic to focus on and they create between 2 - 12 pieces of work to answer to this concept. 

Over the next year we're looking to work with local and international artists to produce a series of collaborative projects. Once a collection of these projects has come together, we will be looking to collaborate ourselves with galleries, other showcases, institutes to extend this feature. 

Each pairing is arranged by the TLJ team and submissions for new artists are welcome! If you would like to take part in our TLJ Collab projects, please email us at: