TLJ Collab Projects

Lucy Ridges & Elle Brotherhood


TLJ Collab Projects Presents: Enchantress

Photographers, Lucy Ridges and Elle Brotherhood, worked on a four week project set by the The Lucky Jotter (TLJ), based on the concept of 'Enchantress'. 

The artists were given free rein to explore the concept, and asked to produce a short series of work reflecting this exploration.


"In this modern age, where we call home is prone to change. Similarly, the spaces that come to represent home evolve and change around us. As we transition to new places, our familiarity grows and we develop a sense of home and belonging. It is within the architecture of the city that we are able to identify new aspects of ourselves. Our knowledge of a space defines the parameters of what we can call home and our experiences of it. By exploring the respective cities that we call home, we wanted to use this project as a chance to explore our relationships with the built environments that surround us. Drawing inspiration from our cities’ changing relationships with industry our photographs construct a visual narrative between the cities that we each call home." - Julie & Rob


Q&A with Lucy & Elle

TLJ: Both of you are established photographers based in Manchester, U.K. What was it like working with one another face to face?

L&E: Although we had never met prior to this, we’d both known of each others work for a while from The Lucky Jotter showcase exhibition and through a few mutual friends. We both enjoy working in an explorative and experimental way, and there are definitely similar visual themes that thread through our photographic work which gave us a great starting point. With neither of us having too much experience in collaborative projects like this, we decided from the start that we both wanted to find a way of working together where we could each retain complete creative control over our own images. So instead of getting our heads together for a shared photoshoot, we wanted to individually shoot, whilst bouncing ideas and themes back and forth and forming the collaboration that way..

TLJ: How did you start the process to working with the concept of Enchantress?

L&E: We met at a local pub with our notebooks and started getting to know each other and quizzing one another on our photographic practises. One of the things we discovered was that both of us like to work with both film and digital photography. One of us working mainly in film and occasionally in digital (Lucy), and Elle the other way round. Because of the ethereal feelings and emotions we associated with our title, we decided to choose film over digital for the project. And within this we specifically chose a technique that would give us an element of chance and the unknown, which was to shoot double exposures. After a long discussion on how and where we could take this project, we came up with the idea of sharing a roll of film, passing it back and forth between us, experimenting with layers and textures. We decided on a routine of one of us shooting a 35mm film, with half of the film of self portraits and the other half of found textures/patterns/objects/anything. We would then meet at various places all over the city to swap the films and then we would put the film back into the other persons camera (without developing it) and the and shoot over the top. This meant we had two layers to every film. We set it up it so that Lucy’s self portraits were overlaid with Elle’s textures, and Elle’s self portraits were overlaid with Lucy's textures. 

TLJ:  Will you both be working with each other again? 

L&E: Yes we have already planned to carry on working together! We loved it. Thanks The Lucky Jotter for getting our creative juices going!


What are the 'TLJ Collab' Projects?

The 'TLJ Collab' projects are a chance for two TLJ featuring artists to work together on a short or long term project. Each pair is given a topic to focus on and they create between 2 - 12 pieces of work to answer to this concept. 

Over the next year we're looking to work with local and international artists to produce a series of collaborative projects. Once a collection of these projects has come together, we will be looking to collaborate ourselves with galleries, other showcases, institutes to extend this feature. 

Each pairing is arranged by the TLJ team and submissions for new artists are welcome! If you would like to take part in our TLJ Collab projects, please email us at: